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Why Our Dermatologist Recommends Elta MD

In the SPF world, few brands command the respect and trust that Elta MD does. Established as a beacon of excellence in sun protection, Elta MD’s journey began with a simple but meaningful mission: to protect and nourish the skin with the highest quality products. With a commitment to innovation and efficacy, Elta MD has earned its reputation as a pioneer in the field, setting new standards for SPF and skin protection that dermatologists approve of. Dr. Parks, a board-certified dermatologist and the founder of Eastside Dermatology, is one of the many dermatologists in the industry who both use and recommend Elta MD every day. 

“I golf a lot, and when I go outside I make sure to apply a liberal amount of either UV Clear or UV Sport from Elta MD to protect my skin,” says Dr. Parks. “The formulas of these SPF products melt smoothly into the skin and offer optimal protection with a product made from the highest-quality ingredients available on the market,” he says. Dr. Parks also recommends Elta MD to his patients because its formulas are fragrance and paraben free, which are two ingredient types that can cause irritation or adverse health effects, especially when used on the delicate skin around the face and neck area. 

Why use SPF?

Across the board, SPF is one skincare product that should be used by everyone, every day. “As a Dermatologist I see my fair share of skin cancer scares,” says Dr. Parks. “SPF is a simple and affordable preventative measure that anyone can take to keep their skin safe from harmful UVA and UVB radiation,” he says. Elta MD’s line of SPF products are made with mineral-based sunscreen, which protects the skin by acting as a shield that repels the sun’s radiation. 

In addition to helping keep your skin safe, SPF can also prevent signs of aging prematurely—such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. “I do frequently get questions about how my patients can prevent or treat signs of aging, and my answer is always to wear SPF first,” says Dr. Parks. “There are other skincare products that can nourish the skin and treat fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots once they appear, but the best thing that you can do is prevent them from worsening with consistent SPF use,” he says. 

Skincare & SPF

Using SPF isn’t something that should replace your skincare routine, but it can complement it and even provide some benefits on its own. Elta MD SPFs contain additional ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid to nourish, hydrate, and moisturize your skin in addition to protecting it. “These are great ingredients that are good for all skin types because they can soothe and rehydrate without leaving the skin with an oily residue,” says Dr. Parks. 

Like we said before, Elta MD SPFs are formulated without fragrances or parabens. These ingredients can cause irritation or other health issues, especially when used on the face where skin is much more delicate. “For my patients with sensitive skin, I always recommend products with no fragrance, especially artificial fragrance, as it can often cause irritation or increased sensitivity,” says Dr. Parks. “Usually when patients are experiencing periods of increased sensitivity or redness, the first thing I ask them to do is eliminate any products with fragrances. Often fragrances like perfumes can also contain alcohol, which has a drying effect on the skin,” he says. 

Elta MD products are also noncomedogenic, meaning they’re formulated without ingredients that will clog the pores. “Many people with acne-prone skin are hesitant to use SPF regularly because many SPF products contain comedogenic ingredients, but SPF products that are formulated to be noncomedogenic can actually help prevent blemishes from becoming irritated by UV exposure,” says Dr. Parks. 

How Often Should You Apply SPF?

It’s one thing to apply SPF in the morning, but to really protect your skin you need to be actively reapplying it throughout the day. “A good rule of thumb is to reapply SPF every couple of hours if you’re going about your normal routine,” says Dr. Parks. “However, if you’re outside being active in the sun or are in water, you may need to reapply your SPF more often,” he says. If you’re sweating or going in water, make sure to use an SPF that won’t wash away with moisture. Elta MD UV Sport is a great choice. 

If you wear makeup and don’t want to reapply your SPF because you’re worried that it will cause your makeup to melt away, try applying your SPF by section in order to avoid messing up your makeup. Gently blot the sunscreen over your face instead of smearing it around. This will help get a full coverage application without dragging your makeup around with it. “Many people overlook reapplying SPF throughout the day because they don’t want to ruin their makeup, but the truth is that after a couple of hours your skin is essentially fully exposed to UV radiation unless you do,” says Dr. Parks. 

Elta MD products are dermatologically tested, meaning that a group of board-certified dermatologists have assessed the products and given them a stamp of approval. The brand, with its commitment to sustainability and health, has long been dedicated to creating products that are not only good for the skin, but good for the earth.