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Mole Removal Surgery in Columbus

Moles can appear at time of birth or they can appear later in life. Some people are more prone to moles as they can be extremely genetic. Sun exposure can also impact the development and changes in moles. It is important to watch your moles and keep an eye on any that seem to change shape. If you have any that change shape, be sure to contact your dermatologist to have them checked out.

Mole removal is an extremely common procedure. Suspicious, irritated, or cosmetically unappealing moles can be safely and easily removed in our office.

In this simple procedure, the area around the mole is anesthetized with a local anesthetic and then the mole is surgically removed. Moles can be removed by either cutting and removing them or shaving the surface of them off.

If you want more information on mole removal at Eastside Dermatology, please contact us today.

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