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Columbus Poison Ivy Rash Consultation and Treatment

Poison Ivy is a plant that causes an itchy rash when it’s come in contact with. The oil within the plant, urushiol, is what causes this rash to occur. This non-contagious rash will usually disappear within one to three weeks from outbreak and can usually be treated at home.

If you develop difficulty breathing, swallowing, or severe face swelling, get to an emergency room immediately or call an ambulance.

The plants oil can remain active and cause the rash even when the plant is dead. Only 10-20% of individuals are immune to the oil and will not break out in a rash when they come in contact with this oil. People who are outdoors more, and who have a higher chance of encountering the plant, are more susceptible to this rash outbreak. Poison Ivy can be confused with Tinea Versicolor in children and young adults. If you are unsure which rash is on the skin, contact us right away. 

Some symptoms of poison ivy include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Small or large blister outbreak

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