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Abnormal Mole Biopsy in Columbus

Most people develop moles during childhood, and they fade gradually after middle age.

Moles are typically benign, but a mole that changes in appearance – bleeding, itching, becoming inflamed, growing asymmetrically, or developing a crust – can be an early indicator of skin cancer (melanoma).

Unusual moles can be detected by followed the ABCD’s of abnormal moles:

A: Asymmetry: Visually divide the mole in half. Each side should look like the other side. If not, it is considered asymmetrical and may be a warning sign. It could also have evolved into a skin tag.

B: Border irregularity: Moles should have even, round, smooth borders. They should not be jagged or irregular.

C: Color: Moles should be uniform in color, as in all light brown or dark brown. Moles that are atypical often have combinations of coloring, most importantly black.

D: Diameter: Most abnormal moles are greater than the tip of a pencil eraser (about 6mm). However, this is not a hard and fast rule, so it is best to have your moles checked by a dermatologist.

Moles can be removed through the use of a freezing agent such as liquid nitrogen, or through surgery. If skin cancer is suspected, the mole must be biopsied before removal.

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