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Sclerotherapy Consultation and Procedure in Columbus

Sclerotherapy is a process used at Eastside Dermatology to treat spider veins that occur on the legs. This is most commonly done for cosmetic/aesthetic purposes. Sclerotherapy involves the injection of a salt solution into the veins with a very small needle. The salt solution irritates the lining of the blood vessels which eventually causes the veins to become nearly invisible or disappear gradually within four to eight weeks.

This procedure will allow you to leave the office the same day. After your procedure, compression wraps are applied to the treated area and left on until the next morning. Compression clothing should be worn for one to three weeks after your procedure.

You can expect some temporary side effects that include bruising, red sores, raised areas, and/or darkened skin. These side effects are only temporary and will go away eventually.

A follow up appointment will be required roughly two weeks after this procedure is completed. The follow up appointment will allow your doctor to make sure everything is healing correctly and give you a better assessment for how long the removal and healing process will take for you personally.

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