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Liposuction Consultation and Surgery in Columbus

Eastside Dermatology is proud to offer tumescent liposuction to residents of Columbus and central Ohio. Tumescent liposuction was pioneered by a dermatologist in the 1980s and is the safest way to perform liposuction today.

Liposuction or liposculpture is a way of removing excess body fat in order to improve body shape. The best candidates for liposuction are individuals who have localized areas of excess fat. Liposuction can be performed on all parts of the body. Patients who are significantly overweight do not usually benefit from liposuction.

Tumescent liposuction involves the infusion of a local anesthetic solution to which is added epinephrine, which helps counteract bleeding. The anesthetic fluid is infused into the area to be liposuctioned through very small incisions. A large quantity of the fluid is put in, to make the area firm or tumesced. Tumescent liposuction requires only a local anesthetic, which allows you to be awake during the procedure but numb to the pain. This reduces the risk of having a general anesthetic, as well as the cost, since no anesthesiologist is needed. The fat is then removed through the same incisions using small instruments (microcannulas), which allow the most efficient removal of fat. Since no general anesthetic is used, recuperation time is minimal. Most people can return to work and begin light exercise two to three days after the procedure. Following surgery, the anesthetic fluid continues to work for 12-18 hours so there is little pain following the procedure.

As a dermatologic cosmetic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Parks knows that each cosmetic procedure is personal and unique, and provides you with the empathy and understanding that you deserve. When it comes to your body, you deserve the ultimate in care. When it comes to liposuction, choosing the best cosmetic surgeon is of paramount importance. At Eastside Dermatology in Columbus, Ohio, we understand your concern and are confident in our abilities to achieve the desired results. Feel free to read testimonials from patients who received liposuction treatment from Dr. Parks. Dr. Parks has been performing tumescent liposuction since 1992. He was the first physician in central Ohio to perform tumescent liposuction and has successfully performed hundreds of these procedures. If you are looking for an experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform your tumescent liposuction and you live in Columbus or the central Ohio area, choose Dr. Parks.

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