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Cosmetic Dermatology - Chemical Peel

The Benefits of Integrating Cosmetic Dermatology into Your Skincare Routine

People’s facial skin means everything to them. So, bumps, breakouts, or other blemishes can diminish their self-image. It’s like having a new car, getting it dinged in a parking lot, and knowing it is no longer pristine.

So, imagine how older adults feel about losing their youthful-looking, moisture-laden, and resilient epidermis. Fortunately, dermatology has come a long way, with cosmetic dermatology MDs and many new products, treatments, and non-surgical procedures.

What is cosmetic dermatology, and how does it help?

In medicine, “cosmetic” means beautifying the complexion, hair, and other bodily features – especially the face. So cosmetic dermatology typically serves patients wanting to reverse aging by making skin improvements or bold aesthetic alterations.

Unlike cosmetic dermatology, medical dermatology addresses medical conditions affecting patients’ skin. So, while cosmetic dermatologists strive to achieve a desirable yet nonetheless superficial appearance, medical dermatologists most often treat skin ailments to reduce further health risks.

In the case of cosmetic dermatologists, most limit themselves to non-invasive skin and facial procedures, including dermal fillers, medical-grade lasers, Botox injections, and other skin rejuvenation strategies.

And what about plastic surgery? This complex procedure can deliver unbelievable next-day results. For instance, nearly all surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia, which can be risky. The same isn’t true of non-invasive techniques.

Going “under the knife” means significant downtime, so those who opt for plastic surgery would need at least a few weeks off the clock. So, is it any wonder that plastic surgery isn’t as popular as it used to be?

How do people benefit from cosmetic dermatology?

Who doesn’t believe that cosmetic dermatology can boost self-esteem? It’s only natural that an improved facial appearance will positively impact overall health and well-being. And many cosmetic dermatology patients say they have more confidence and feel comfortable in their youthful-looking skin.

Other advantages of cosmetic dermatology include the following:

  1. It is a non-invasive procedure requiring no incisions or general anesthesia, so it’s less risky and expensive than traditional plastic surgery. Examples of non-invasive procedures are laser treatments, micro-needling, dermal fillers, and chemical peels.
  2. Recovery time is quick and easy, allowing patients to resume normal activities shortly following the procedure.
  3. Cosmetic dermatology procedures have undergone extensive testing and are considered safe when performed by a qualified dermatologist.
  4. They also can be more effective at improving the skin’s appearance and achieving the desired results.
  5. Specific cosmetic dermatology procedures, like laser resurfacing, can provide long-lasting results.

Is cosmetic dermatology strictly about vanity?

Besides marketers insisting we buy products, devices, injections, etc., to “fix” our aging skin’s appearance, there are other reasons those imperfections bother us – to the point of people spending $135+ billion worldwide each year on skincare products.

Caring about your skin’s look is not simply about vanity or marketing pressure. It’s also a health indicator. Since your skin reflects your internal health, it’s natural to appreciate your bright, clear, youthful-looking skin.

The Science of Skincare

Cosmetic dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD, offers a straightforward medical answer to your skin’s role in the aging process: The epidermis, she says, is essential from a cosmetic view since it’s the layer that gives skin its texture and moisture and helps give it its color. Therefore, the skin will look aged if the epidermal surface is dry or rough.

We also know that the skin is constantly in a state of skin cell turnover, continually making new cells and shedding old ones. This cycle is the skin’s natural repair process to invigorate the skin.

Unfortunately, skin slows with age, so without help from various remedies and formulations, it doesn’t look as healthy and youthful as it once did

Cosmetic Dermatology and Cancer

Besides alterations to various body systems, cancer and its treatment can also change patients’ physical appearance. Those with cancer or a history of it often feel uncomfortable with their image due to scarring, disfiguring surgeries, hair loss, or weight loss or gain.

Among women with breast cancer, it has been shown that changes in physical appearance are some of the most significant causes of distress. Thus, paying more attention to a patient’s body image is critical to improving their quality of life.

Cosmetic Dermatology in Columbus, Ohio

We all know that medical dermatology is a sorely needed field for skin-related health conditions. But neglecting a patient’s well-being and mental health can make them revert to the start of their specific health condition. After all, the mind and body must work hand-in-hand to be successful.

At the Eastside Dermatology offices in Columbus and Hilliard, Ohio, we treat an array of skin-related medical conditions, from common warts to skin cancer and everything in between. Do you have skin-related concerns? If so, contact us in Columbus at (614) 863-3222 or Hilliard at (614) 345-0500.