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Rash Diagnosis and Treatment – Columbus Dermatologist

What kind of rash? An overview of the most common rashes?

There are multiple reasons a skin rash could occur. Some of these reasons include heat, immune system issues, allergies, medications, and infections.

Five of the most common skin rashes include:

    • Atopic Dermatitis – An ongoing condition that causes skin to become red and itchy. It is most common on the ankles, feet, hands, neck, arms, legs, and upper body. There will be some dormant stages of this rash, but it will flare up occasionally from time to time.
    • Contact Dermatitis – A rash that is caused by an allergic reaction or irritation by something you have come in contact with. It is important to find out what is causing this allergic reaction or irritation so that you can avoid this allergen/irritant in the future.
    • Heat Rash – This rash is caused when your sweat is obstructed in some way. Small red bumps can appear that give off a stinging sensation or clear bumps can occur that give off no other symptoms. This rash will usually go away once the impacted areas are cooled down.
    • Psoriasis – A quick accumulation of rough, itchy, scaly, dead skin. Outbreaks will occur randomly, for a different amount of time each occurrence, and then become dormant.
    • Rosacea – A long-term, chronic skin condition usually impacting adults. Symptoms are small, red, or pus-filled, bumps occurring on the face. Flare ups occur with an increased amount of blood flow to the surface of the skin. Flare ups can also be causes by things such as food, stress, sun exposure, and more.