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Acne is one of the most common and most frustrating conditions faced by dermatology patients. Almost every single person has a pimple at some point in their lifetime. Acne can be as subtle as a pimple here and there, or it can be more severe. It is important to visit a dermatologist to figure out what is causing your specific acne and learn about the best way to control it.

Chronic blemishes on the face and body can lead to insecurity and poor self-esteem. Though commonly thought to only be a condition that plagues teenagers, acne can arise in adults as well. There are many factors contributing to acne, including bacteria, stress, medications, and hormones.

Did you know that acne is most commonly caused by oil clogging the pores of your skin? It’s important to wash your face every single day in order to clean your pores out and reduce your chances of developing acne.

At Eastside Dermatology, we offer a selection of effective prescription-only skin care products and treatments designed to treat acne, promoting clear skin and enhanced self-confidence. Our office has products for purchase that our doctors use in conjunction with prescription medications to treat acne. Be sure to ask us what products will work best with your specific acne and skin type.

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