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Dr. Parks Launches Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift!

We’re very proud and excited to announce that Dr. Alan Parks has launched his own skin care line, Park Perfection.

His first product, Instant Eye Lift, is a revolutionary new eye product works both instantly and over time to smooth, lift, and tighten the entire area around the eyes. Within 60 seconds of application, you will see dramatic improvement in fine lines and puffiness around the eyes! The product also nourishes skin with essential minerals, peptides, and antioxidants to improve the eye area in the long-term as well.

After over 30 years of practicing at ESD and also after launching, Dr. Parks has spoken to thousands of patients and customers over the years about their skin care concerns. He realized that there were areas where the skin care market was lacking and developed Park Perfection to meet the unmet needs of his patients and customers. He wanted to bring them the products they’ve always wanted but have never been able to find.

What makes Instant Eye Lift different is that it is truly a 2-in-1 product. Not only does it deliver instant results, it also works on your skin in the long-term. Similar products that have been on the market in the past were so drying that they actually damaged the skin. Not Instant Eye Lift! This product works on firming and lifting instantly while providing nutrients for skin health and hydration.

Instant Eye Lift is great for both men and women. While it was developed specifically for the delicate area around the eyes, it can also be used on forehead and smile lines, lines between the brows, and even on the chest area.

Read customer reviews of Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift:

“I am really blown away by the results of this product. Within seconds, the skin around my eyes noticeably tightened and got firmer (both visibly and I could feel it!), and I looked totally refreshed and like I had had the best night sleep ever. No makeup is needed with this product since it really firms, tightens, brightens, and lifts (it actually looked like I had put concealer on!) and is really reasonable for the price, given all the $$ skin products out there (many of which I’ve tried!). A little goes a long way. I also feel at ease knowing that this product was thoughtfully developed by a dermatologist. I take skin care products very seriously and this is one I will absolutely add to my repertoire. Highly recommend, especially if your face needs a pick me up after a long night out or a poor night sleep!” -Customer

“Park Perfection Instant Eye Lift is amazing! It’s truly a 2-in-1 product unlike anything I’ve tried before. You can actually feel it firming fine lines around the eyes and watch as it brightens dark circles—it works THAT fast! You only need a little bit to totally wake up tired eyes and it looks great both alone and under makeup. Try it!” -Taylor

“This eye cream literally tightens and firms tired under eyes within minutes! I was so impressed with the size of the bottle when it arrived and the consistency of the cream is so smooth and easy to apply. I will be using every last drop and purchasing again!”  – Court

“I love this eye lift! I can actually feel my under eyes tighten! It is wonderful. My daughter and husband asked me what Ive done different because it took a lot of my wrinkles away. I have smoked for 25 yrs and am lucky if I get 2 hrs of sleep a night, so I have a lot for my age(43). Its now a staple in my face care routine. It is the first thing Ive tried that seriously works. And I have tried A LOT!!!!! Thank You Dr Parks.” -Tammy