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Benefits of Tumescent Liposuction

Columbus Tumescent Liposuction

According to a survey conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), standard tumescent liposuction is the most preferred method of liposuction. Dr. Jeffery Klein, a dermatologist, developed the technique in the mid-1980s. At that time, all liposuction procedures were performed under general anesthesia. Dr. Klein thought that the use of a local anesthetic would be beneficial, at least in patients that need smaller volumes of fat removed. He found that the use of local anesthetic significantly reduced post-operative side effects, and that local anesthetic could be used on patients needing larger volumes of fat removed. During the next few years, Dr. Klein refined the tumescent liposuction technique, and began educating other physicians about this exciting development in the field.


Liposuction at Eastside Dermatology

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world! Dr. Alan J. Parks, Founder of Eastside Dermatology, started performing tumescent liposuction in 1992. He was the first physician to perform this procedure in Columbus, Ohio.

Making patients more conifdent about their appearance was one of the main reasons why Parks decided to start performing the surgery. “I felt that liposuction would make a big difference not only in the way people looked but also the way that they thought of themselves,” said Dr. Parks. “It is very rewarding, people have a whole different attitude before and after they leave. You can just tell they are more happy with their appearance.”


Dermatology Video Tip – Avoid Dry Skin During the Winter Months

Dermatology Tips

During the cold winter months, dry skin can certainly be a problem for many people. Dr. Alan J. Parks opened Eastside Dermatology in 1987. During this time, he has strived for his patients to have the healthiest possible skin.

Eastside Dermatology Video Tip – Avoid Dry Skin


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