Radiesse Procedure

A Radiesse Injection Demonstration

Dr. George Skandamis, a Dermatologist at Eastside Dermatology, conducts Radiesse on a patient. This Volumizing Filler is a revolutionary wrinkle treatment and injectable filler used for wrinkle reduction and removal.

Radiesse Procedure

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Patient: I feel good, I’m a positive, happy person and sometimes I feel like when I look at myself, I look like I’m stressed and tired and angry, and I’m not. I’ve heard about Radiesse and what it can do and I’ve seen some before and after shots and read a couple of the brochures and I thought that maybe this would be a great option for me.

Dr. George Skandamis: Today, we’re going to be doing Radiesse, which is a filler right for the mid-face, your nasal lavial folds and the marionettes.

Patient: I’m very excited about this procedure. I’ve been hoping that I can do something like this for a while and I’m hoping that I look kind of a little bit fresher and more relaxed version of myself.

Dr. George Skandamis: Radiesse, which is a Calcium based product. It is a long lasting product, it should last about a year, and it really does a great job of stimulating your own natural collagens, so even when it’s gone a year from now, you’ll have gained some natural collagen in these areas that we’ve placed this in.

Patient: I was thinking that it would hurt a little bit more than that, at least for the time being, but it didn’t hurt at all. I would say that it was virtually pain-free.

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