Botox Procedure

A Botox Injection Demonstration

Dr. Ryan Carlson, a Dermatologist at the Eastside Dermatology Hilliard, Ohio location, conducts Botox on a patient. This injectable treatment reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes by temporarily relaxing the muscles that cause these wrinkles to form.

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Hi I’m Dr. Ryan Carlson. Here in the office we perform a wide range of both medical/surgical and cosmetic procedures. Botox is probably the number one cosmetic procedure that we perform on a weekly basis. The best way to truly conceptualize this procedure is to take a firsthand look, so let’s go check it out.

So for our patient today we are going to be focusing on the forehead lines, the glabella which is the area kind of at the root of the nose between the eyes and also her crow’s feet. Most patients state that they don’t really feel the little prick from the needle. Go ahead and scowl for me. You can see how these lines are being accentuated. Go ahead and relax. There are two main muscle groups that I am targeting in the glabella complex here. The medicine is going directly into the muscle. In certain areas of the crow’s feet you can actually inject the medicine more superficially just on top of the muscle. Again, the whole goal here is relaxation of those muscles and softening of those lines that are produced from muscle activity. As you can see these horizontal lines that are produced as she raises her eyebrows, those too can be softened with Botox.

Botox has become the number one procedure in the United States for the last five years running. And last but not least we are going to touch up her crow’s feet. Botox typically lasts anywhere from three to six months. I like to tell patients for the first time that generally it’s more like three months. As far as instructions after the procedure is done, we generally want the patient the actively use those muscles for about 30 to 45 minutes after the procedure. This actually allows the Botox to more actively buy into the muscle and to get quicker results. We want the patient to remain upright for about two to four hours, to not exercise for the next 24 hours. And results typically begin to become apparent within one to two days and typically max out at about five to seven days.

So we are back here in the office 10 days later with our Botox patient. Let’s take a look at the results. As a recap on our patient here we treated the horizontal forehead lines, the glabella and the crow’s feet. Go ahead and raise your eyebrows. You can see a definite softening here of these forehead lines. Scowl for me, it seems a little bit more difficult for her to produce those elevens or lines that are produced between the eyes. And a big smile for me, the crow’s feet are a lot softer. I don’t see any bruising today. Things seemed to have gone as planned.

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