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Acne is an extremely frustrating condition. Eastside Dermatology in Columbus, Ohio understands that and will do everything possible to reach your skincare goals.

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When I moved to Ohio from San Diego in 2004, I had terrible acne.  Over the years I went to four dermatologists.  This is just a year ago.  I went to four dermatologists, all kinds of different products, different treatments and nothing was working.  The acne was so bad it was to the point where it was embarrassing.  I would have to wear different types of clothes to cover it in the summer.  I couldn’t wear a swimsuit some of the times.  I felt so hopeless with acne it was horrible.  Imagine having acne all over your chest and all over your back, big, red itchy acne.

And the treatment it was something very simple.  It wasn’t shots or coming back to the dermatologist every week or anything like that.  It was actually much less than the treatment that the other doctors were doing.  I have not had a problem with acne on my chest or my back or my face since seeing Dr. Parks.

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