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Great Thanksgiving Recipe for Glowing Skin (and a Happy Stomach)!

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we can’t help but start to think about all of the amazing foods we’re going to be eating in just a few short days. Between the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, and of course, the turkey, our mouths are already beginning to water.

One of our other favorite Thanksgiving dishes is sweet potato casserole, but one thing you may not have known about this dish (and one of the reasons we love it!) is that its star ingredient, the sweet potato, is actually good for your skin!

In one sweet potato, you will find more than 200% of the recommended daily value of vitamin A, which is extremely important for having amazing skin.Vitamin A promotes the growth of new skin cells and increases the rate at which that happens, leaving you with a beautiful and glowing complexion.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get three grams of fiber from a sweet potato, which helps your digestive tract healthy and functioning properly. Not only is this essential during the season of eating, having a healthy digestive tract can also help keep your skin blemish free.

To get you started thinking about all of the great sweet potato dishes you can include in your Thanksgiving dinner this year, here’s a great recipe for our favorite dish, sweet potato casserole. We wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving, and this year, we are very thankful that our delicious food can also help give us beautiful and glowing skin!


The Every-Day Salad Ingredient That’s Great For Your Skin!

Tomatoes. They’re great in a salad, on top of pizza, and even to eat plain. One thing you may never have thought to use tomatoes for, however, is to make your skin look great (we sure never had!).

We found a great article from the Huffington Post all about the great benefits of tomatoes for your skin and hair, and because we’re obsessed with helping you look and feel your best, we just had to share. Here’s the Huffington Post’s list of 7 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Tomatoes:

1. They cleanse and tone skin. Mash one tomato and one avocado into a facial mask. Smooth onto your skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes (TIP: Because tomatoes are highly acidic, it may sting or burn a bit). The tomato deep-cleans dirt and debris, while the avocado restores moisture (sounds like the dream-team, huh?). Wash off with lukewarm water and pay face dry.

2. They shrink large pores. Combine one tablespoon of fresh tomato juice and two drops of lime juice in a small bowl. Dab a cotton swab into the mixture and swipe onto your face in upward circular motions. After about 10 minutes, rinse the solution off with cool water.

3. They treat acne and remove blackheads. A tomato’s acidity is powerful enough to clear up pimples and blemishes. Apply the pulp to the affected area for up to 30 minutes each day, and then rinse off. Do this consistently over two weeks and you’ll begin to notice fewer breakouts.

4. They get rid of oily skin. The above routine can also help reduce shine. Vitamins C and A, as well as amino acids, are known for their oil-minimizing properties. Just be sure to follow up with a hydrating moisturizer after cleansing!

5. They remedy sunburns. If you have any painful burns (why weren’t you wearing your sunscreen!), soothe your skin by rubbing on a cool blend of tomato and yogurt.

6. They add shine to a dull complexion. If you want glowing skin in under 15 minutes, just add a bit of honey to some tomato juice until you’ve created a thick paste. Rub the mask onto your face and relax while it does its thing and then wash off.

7. They condition dry hair and relieve an itchy scalp. Once you’ve shampooed your hair, pour tomato juice onto your stands and leave on for five minutes. The homemade conditioner will remove buildup and help with hydration.

Well, there you have it. The 7 beauty benefits of tomatoes for your hair and skin. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try each and every one of these. Got a skin problem that a tomato won’t cure? Visit our website or call our office today to make an appointment at Eastside Dermatology.


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