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Transitioning Your Skin From Winter to Spring

Now that the first day of Spring is behind us and the weather should be getting nicer, we wanted to share a few ways to transition your skincare routines for the new season.

1. Continue Wearing Sunscreen Every Day: Since the days will be getting longer and the sun staying out later, it’s important to remember to put sunscreen on every day. We recommend using at least a number 30 or higher SPF to ensure the best protection.
2. Moisturize: As the weather can change from day to day it’s important to moisturize your skin every day to keep it from getting dry.
3. Be On the Lookout for Poison Ivy: If you are going to be out doing yard work be on the lookout for poison ivy. Remember the rule “leaves of 3 let it be.” If you do come in contact with the plant you have approximately 15-20 minutes to wash off the area that was contacted.

These are just a few of many tips to transition your skincare routine from winter to Spring. If you have any other great skincare tips for the Spring, we’d love to hear them!


Are Gel Manicures Dangerous?

The newest nail trend, gel manicures, may last much longer than a regular manicure, but now experts are saying that these long-lasting manicures could also cause long-lasting damage to the nails and even increase the risk of skin cancer.

According to, a gel manicure uses three coats of a special type of polish and each coat is set using UV light, which experts say could have dangerous side effects.

Dr. Alan Parks of Eastside Dermatology says, “Any time you expose yourself to repeated ultraviolet light, you are increasing your risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer can also be more dangerous and difficult to remove from the finger or nail area.”

Even though these manicures last longer than a regular manicure, the side effects could be much more dangerous and can also do damage to the nails.

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